Breeder Referral

Standard Schnauzers are not always easy to find, as they are not bred in great numbers. As with all pure-bred dogs, the worst place to find a good one is in the large puppy retailers. To get a good quality puppy, you should go directly to a breeder who is a member of a regional Standard Schnauzer Club or a member of the Standard Schnauzer Club of America. As a rule, the Standard Schnauzer breeder breeds not to merely sell dogs but to continue and improve upon a lineage which the breeder considers to be the best.

Note: The breeders on this list are members in good standing of the HSSC, but under no circumstances does the HSSC guarantee the services of said members. Further, neither the HSSC nor its members will be held liable for any actions.

Chimera Standard Schnauzers (Pepper & Salt)

Jordan Standard Schnauzers (Pepper & Salt)

Von Hoedl Standard Schnauzers (Pepper & Salt)

Von Rose Standard Schnauzers (Pepper & Salt)

Wakan Standard Schnauzer (Pepper & Salt)